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Simple Guidelines


Designer maternity, infant, and toddler clothing through size 8.  We sometimes accept non-designer brands if the items are extraordinary. We’re always thrilled to accept jeans and cashmere in any size!  Click here for a complete list of brands and items we’re looking for.

Designer accessories: hats, bags, slings, blankets, booties, and shoes. Children’s shoes should be new or almost new. Women’s shoes should be in good condition with very few scuffs or stains.

We cannot accept gear of any kind: toys, cribs, baby carriers, high chairs, exersaucers, rocking horses, tricycles, scooters, etc. 

Please pre-screen your items for stains or excessive wear.  Please launder or dry clean items before you bring them in.  We cannot accept items that are dirty, stained, or damaged, because they just won’t sell.  


You may consign by person or by mail.  We will examine your items and choose those we think our customers will love.  Items we can’t sell can be returned to you or donated to local philanthropic organizations.  Click here for our official consignment agreement.

You will receive 40% of the final selling price of the items you consign with us.  We will send you a check each month, or you may pick up your balance in the store at any time.

We keep your items on the floor for 60 days.  They will be marked down on or about day 20 and day 40.  At the end of a selling season, they may be put in a promotional sale.  You receive a percentage of the final sale price.

We price our merchandise at a 50-80% discount from current retail prices.  Prices vary based on the condition of each item.

After 60 days, you may choose to pick up any unsold items or have us donate them to charity. Unsold items you do not retrieve become the property of Clementine Consignment and may be donated or used in special sales.

You may choose to Consign For A Cause.  Click here for details.

You must sign our official consignment agreement before we can sell your merchandise.  The agreement elaborates on the above procedures and enumerates a few more.  Please read it carefully! 

We look forward to working with you!

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