Toddler Tees!

Monday, April 14, 2014

T-shirt weather is finally back, and we have recently received some amazing toddler shirts just waiting to be worn on the playground!  With the new play area finally open in Washington Square Park, this is the perfect opportunity grab some great, fashionable tees and then go out and play!! 

Top Row:

Rocket design polo by Appaman, size 5.  $13.99

Personality shirt by Scotch Shrunk, size 4/5.  $12.99

Poseidon shirt by Crewcuts, size 4/5.  $12.99

Bottom Row:

Think cloud chalk board shirt (you can write on it with chalk!), size 2.  $13.49

Dogtags shirt by Kingsley, size 2.  $9.99

Monster shirt by Monster Republic, size 4.  $14.99


Brown tank by Bit'z Kids, size 5-6.  $12.99

GM truck shirt by Charlie Rocket, size 2.  $14.99


Cheap Trick shirt, size 4.  $9.99

Punk rock monkey shirt by Next, size 4.  $13.49

AC/DC tie shirt by Live Nation, size 5.  $8.99

Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt by Crewcuts, size 4/5.  $11.99

Bruce Springsteen Ashbury Park shirt by Rowdy Sprout, size 2.  $12.99


Super cool pirate octopus shirt, size 4.  $15.99


Top Row:

Darth Vader shirt by H&M, size 4-6 $9.99

Superman shirt by Trunk, size 7.  $14.99

Green Lantren shirt by D-Exteme, size 2.  $12.99

Bottom Row:

Black Superman shirt by Trunk, size 4.  $11.99

Spiderman shirt, size 18mo.  $9.99

The Force shirt by Crewcuts, size 4/5.  $12,99


Lacoste shirts 

Both size 2, $14.99 each.