Swimsuits Are Out!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Whether you are going to the beach, going to the pool, or just playing around in the sprinklers, your little one is gonna need a swimsuit this summer.  At Clementine, we have a variety of sizes and styles to choose from.  Besides what is pictured below, we also have plenty of swim shirts, swim pants, and even a few swimsuits for moms-to-be! 


Designer swimsuits!

Pink polka dots swimsuit by Betsy Johnson.  Size 2, $18.99

Black swimsuit by Little Marc Jacobs.  Size 6, $29.99

Bikini by Burberry.  Size 2, $24.99


Designer swimsuits!

Top Left: Blue plaid swimsuit by Burberry.  Size 3, $19.99

Top Right:  Frog print swimsuit by Vilbrequin.  Size 4, $19.99

Bottom Left:  Turtle print swimsuit by Vilbrequin.  Size 4, $19.99

Bottom Right:  Jellyfish print swimsuit by Vilbrequin.  Size 2, $19.99


Bikinis by Caramel baby!

Both pictured are size 2.  $14.99 each.


Swimsuits by Egg Baby.

White, fish print swimsuit, size 3-6 mo.  $14.99

Green, fish print suit, size 12-18mo.  $19.99



Left swimsuit with red ruffle trim by Rachel Riley.  Size 4, $15.99

Middle swimsuit with crab by Lilly Pulitzer.  Size 3-6mo., $13.99

Right swimsuit by Jacadi.  Size 6mo, $16.99


Superhero swimsuits!

Superman swimsuit, size 5.  $9.99

Captain America swimsuit, size 5.  $9.99


More stripes!

Left swimsuit by Mini Boden, size 7-8.  $13.49

Right swimsuit by Crewcuts, size 6/7.  $14.99


Swimsuits by Cabana Life.

Striped swimsuit, size 4.  $13.99

Palm print swimsuit, size 4.  $13.99

Shark print swimsuit, size 12-18mo.  $12.99