Monday, May 5, 2014

Whether you are going to the beach, going to the pool, or just playing around in the sprinklers, your little one is gonna need a swimsuit this summer.  At Clementine, we have a variety of sizes and styles to choose from.  We even have a few for the moms-to-be!



Left:  OndadeMar two-piece, size 2.  $14.99

Middle:  New with tags two-piece by Sunuva, size 12-18mo.  $14.99

Right:  OndadeMar two-piece, size 12-18mo.  $19.99



Left:  Red striped two-piece by Jacadi, size 6.  $18.99

Middle:  Tankini two-piece by Splendid, size 6.  $19.99

Right:  Black & white striped two-piece by Crewcuts, size 6/7.  $16.49


One-piece halter swimsuits.

Left:  Green one-piece by Flora & Henri, size 2.  $13.99

Right:  Goldfish print one-piece by Submarine, size 4.  $16.49


Simply styles.

Left:  Pink one-piece by Jacadi, size 4.  $17.99

Middle:  Light yellow one-piece by Tartine et Chocolat, size 4.  $17.99

Right:  Polka dot one-piece by Petit Bateau, size 4.  $14.99


European style briefs!

Top:  Purple print swimtrunks by American Apparel, size 4.  $12.99

Middle:  Both swimsuits by Le Petit Swim.  Striped shorts, size 6mo.  Plain black shorts, size 24mo.  $17.99 each.

Bottom:  Coral and fish print shorts.  Size 6, $14.99


Swim pants!

Top:  New with tags swim pants by Polarn O. Pyret, size 6-12 mo.  $13.99

Bottom:  Both swim pants by iPlay.  Both size 6mos.  $12.99 each.


Swim trunks!

Top Left:  Striped swim trunks by Hannah Anderson, size 2.  $14.99

Top Right:  Leaf and animal print swim trunks by Janie & Jack, size 6-12mo.  $12.99

Bottom Left:  Blowfish print swim shorts by Vineyard Vines, size 4.  $14.99

Bottom Right:  Map print swim shorts by Petit Bateau, size 5.  $19.99



Hawaiian Print.

Top:  Papo d'Anjo, size 18mo.  $17.99

Bottom:  Chevignon, size 12mo.  $14.99


Swim trunks by Lilly Pultizer.

Top:  Size extra small, $11.99

Bottom:  Size 3, $13.49


Maternity Tankinis!

Left:  Two-piece by Ripe, size extra small.  $49.99

Right:  Striped, pink two-piece by Pez d'Or, size small.  $39.99


Black & White Maternity Bikinis!

Left:  Polka dot swimsuit by Prego, size extra small.  $49.99

Right:  Zebra print swimsuit by Maternal America, size extra small.  $49.99