New Maternity!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our latest delivery of maternity samples has arrived! All of these are brand new, with tags, and we price them at wholesale. We are loaded with tops, pants/jeans, and dresses from Bellyssimma, Noppies, Maternal America, and more. 


Maternity dresses!

Left: Dress by Noppies. Size small, $46.99

Middle: Shift dress by Maternal America.  Size small, $62.99

Right: Dress by Noppies.  Size small, $37.99


More dresses!

Left:  Nursing dress by Noppies.  Size small, $37.99

Middle:  Nursing dress by Noppies. *Please note, actual dress is more of a navy blue*  Size small, $35.99

Right:  Dress by Noppies.  Size small, $33.99


Nursing tops!

Left:  Nursing top by Maternal America.  Size small, $38.99

Right:  Nursing top by Noppies.  Size small, $28.99


More tops!

Left:  Nursing top by Maternal America.  Size small, $38.99

Middle:  Top by Noppies.  Size small, $27.99

Right:  Nursing dress/tunic by Noppies.  Size small, $30.99



Grey pants by 9fashion.  Size small, $29.99

Denim skirt by Noppies.  Size 28, $30.99

Slim, teal colored jeans by Noppies.  Size small, $46.99

Skinny jeans by Japanese Weekend.  Size small, $45.99


More jeans!

Left:  Jeans by Noppies.  Size 28, $45.99

Middle:  Flare jeans by Noppies.  Size 28, $60.99

Right:  Dark wash jeans by Noppies.  Size 28, $51.99


More dresses!

Left:  Dress by Noppies.  Size medium, $46.99

Middle:  Nursing dress by Noppies.  Size small, $31.99

Right:  Dress by 9fashion.  Size small, $49.99


Winter coat!

Wool, hooded coat by Noppies.
Size small, $69.99