Makie and Bu & The Duck

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Here at Clementine we absolutely love Makie and Bu & the Duck.  Between the gorgeous designs, wonderful fabrics, and exceptional craftsmanship their clothes are some of the best that we get in.  Luckily for you, we just got a drop off with some great pieces from both these brands!

Sadly, Bu & The Duck closed in early 2012, but we still get their clothes in from time to time.  They always sell quickly, so be sure to stop by and grab something great before we sell out!


Simply gorgeous shirts by Bu & The Duck.

Top:  Light-weight see through shirt, size 5.  $17.99

Bottom:  100% silk shirt, size 6. $14.99



Bu & The Duck tank, size 6. $13.99

Bu & The Duck linen long shorts, size 4. $19.99



Left:  Bu & The Duck striped long shorts, size 4. $19.99

Right:  Bu & The Duck light-weight pants, size 4. $19.99



Top shirts by Bu & The Duck.  100% linen.  Beige shirt, size 5.  White shirt, size 4. $16.99 each.

Bottom shirt by Makie, size 4. $17.99


Makie opened back in 2011, and has quickly become one of the top brands for fashion forward moms.  Everything they make is just gorgeous.

Tank dresses by Makie, size 4. $24.99 each.


Skirt and pants by Makie.

Top:  Striped skirt, size 2.  $19.99

Bottom:  Light-weight floral pants, size 6. $19.99




The same person that brought in all these wonderful Salt Water sandals!

Red, brown, and navy sandals are size 10.

Purple sandals are size 11.