High Fashions for baby boy!

Friday, January 8, 2016

New consignor alert!
Just before the holidays, we received a drop off of epic proportions. Lots of great items for baby boys by designers like Gucci, Little Marc Jacobs, and Burberry.  Check them out!




Shoes by Gucci!

Rainboots by Gucci, size 20 (US 4/5) $49.99

Sneakers by Gucci, size 22 (US 6)  $49.99



Baby sneakers

Black/red sneakers by Adidas, size 3.  $19.99

Two-toned Converse hightops, size 2.  $16.99



More sneakers!

Grey sneakers by Adidas, size 4.  $19.99

Blue sneakers by Adidas, size 4.  $19.99



More Adidas!

White Stan Smith Adidas, size 5.  $21.99

Black sneakers by Adidas, size 3.  $19.99


Hightops by Gucci.

Size 22 (US 6), $49.99





Jackets by Gucci.

Flannel, hooded jacket size 9-12 mo.  $69.99

Puffy, hooded jacket size 6-9 mo.  $71.99



Toggle coat by Burberry, size 9mo.  $71.99

Reversible with removable sleeves puffy jacket by Little Marc Jacobs, size 9mo.  $71.99


New with tags overalls by Gucci.

Size 6-9mo, $29.99


Sweatshirt cardigan by Gucci.  Size 6-9mo.  $34.99

New with tags shirt by Gucci.  Size 3-6 mo.  $24.99


Sweats by Little Marc Jacobs.

Hoodie, size 9mo.  $29.99

Pants, size 12mo.  $19.99


Pants by Little Marc Jacobs.

Brown, lined pants, size 6mo.  $21.99

New with tags jeans, size 12mo.  $29.99



Tops by Little Marc Jacobs.

Mouse sweatshirt, size 6mo.  $27.99

Button down shirt with bowtie, size 9mo.  $24.99




New with tags onesies by Barney's of New York.

White, with lion print available in 6-9mo & 9-12mo.  $12.99

Light blue with small lion, size 6-9 mo.  $12.99


Bonpoint tops!

Plaid, button down shirt, size 6mo.  $19.99

Grey, light weight sweater, size 6mo.  $24.99


All by Nununu.

Distressed hoodie, size 0-6mo.  $24.99

Cardigan shirt, size 12-18mo.  $19.99

Pants size 6-12 mo.  $16.99


New with tags sweater romper by Lucky Jade.

Size 6-12 mo.  $27.99


Cashmere sweaters by Barney's of New York!

Both are size 12-18mo, $31.99 each.  








(if interested, please call the store to see if still available)