High End Fashions In The Store!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

We just got in a major drop off full of NEW WITH TAGS clothes from some amazing high end designers.  Items for girls and baby boys from designers like Chloe, Tartine et Chocolat, Little Marc Jacobs, Junior Gaultier, Marie Chantal, and more.

More will be coming out with the Spring items, too!


Marie Chantal onesies!

$19.99 each (retailed at $55)

Light blue onesies available in sizes 12mo & 18mo.

Pink onesies available in sizes 6mo & 18mo.


Silver party dress by Junior Gaultier

Size 2, $100 (retailed at $275)


Quilted hooded jacket by Chloe.

Size 4, $100  (retailed at $425)


Jeans by Tartine et Chocolat

Green jeans available in size 3 &4.

Pink jeans available in size 3.

$50 each (retailed at $115)


Green corduroy pants by Little Marc Jacobs.

Available in size 3 &4, $50 each. (retailed at $145)

Navy pants by Chloe.  Size 3, $50. (retailed at $110)


2 piece tweed dress by Chloe.

Available in sizes 12mo, 18mo, 2 & 3.

$65 (retailed at $230)


Tartine et Chocolat onesies

Both size 18mo.

$24.99 each.  (retailed at $62 & $65)


Brand new blankets.  Perfect gift idea!

All by Magnolia Baby

$24.99 each (retailed at $55)


Romper by Tartine et Chocolat

Size 12 mo, $44.99 (retailed at $95)


Knit and cambray dress by Little Marc Jacobs

Size 2, $57.99 (retailed at $135)


Leggings by Junior Gaultier

Size 4, $24.99 (retailed at $70)


Rose sweater dress by Chloe

Available in sizes 12mo, 18mo, and 2

$65 each (retailed for $175)


Tulle skirt by Junior Gaultier

Size 4, $54.99 (retailed for $230)


Dress by Little Marc Jacobs

Available in sizes 2 & 3

$64.99 each (retailed at $145)


Knit hoodie by Tartine et Chocolat

Size 3, $54.99 (retailed at $175)