Fall into Maternity!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Four bins of maternity have come out of storage and gone out onto the floor.  Lots of new jeans/pants.  Lots of new sweaters, shirts, dresses.  Lots of little black dresses!  Check out some of the finds!



Cashmere sweaters!


Brown cashmere sweater by A Pea in the Pod, medium.  $55.99.

Striped cashmere sweater by Veronique, small.  $59.99

Navy cashmere sweater by Vince, small.  $59.99

Black cashmere sweater by Mimi Maternity, large.  $34.99


New shirts on the floor!

Tree shirt by M. Rena, large.  $21.99


Striped sweater dress by A Pea in the Pod, large.  $54.99


Rhinestone shoulder dress by Maternal America, medium.  $62.99


Grey dress by A Pea in the Pod, small.  $69.99