Fall into baby clothes!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

It may be super hot outside right now, but Fall is creeping up on us.  Huge markdowns are going on in the store, and we've already started to put out some Fall items.  Check out these adorable additions out on the floor now!


Lots of sweaters hitting the floor.

*Blue crop sweater with bonnet by Canela, size 3mo. $26.99

*Grey short sleeved cardigan with matching hat by Makie, size 6mo. $29.99

*White, striped cardigan by Marie Chantel, size 6mo. $18.99


More sweaters!

*White, zipper sweater by Burberry, size 12mo. New with tags! $27.99

*Brown cardigan by Fleurisse, size 6mo.  New with tags! $20.99

*Maroon sweater by Bonpoint, size 6mo.  $24.99

*Grey cardigan by Bonpoint, size 12mo.  $24.99


More sweaters!

*Pink cardigan by DPam, size 9mo. $18.99

*Cashmere heart sweater by Crewcuts, size 12-18mo.  $21.99

*Cashmere polka dot sweater by Crewcuts, size 9-12mo.  $21.99


Wool, tank dress by Marie Chantal, size 12mo.  $24.99


Sweater dress/tunic by Bonpoint, size 12mo.  $24.99


More dresses!

*Pink, printed dress by Egg, size 3-6mo.  New with tags! $22.99

*Blue, cogri print dress by Morley, size 12mo. $23.99

*Pink, floral dress by Pink Chicken, size 3-6mo.  $17.99

*White dress by Catimini, size 9mo.  $19.99


Brown blouse by Bonpoint, size 12mo.  $16.99


Blouse by Bonpoint, newborn size.  $16.99


Lots of new overalls in stock!

These are by Jacadi, size 12mo.  $16.99


Two piece velour set by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, size 1mo.  $19.99


Hooded rompers!

*Purple hooded (with ears) romper by Feather Baby, size 9-12mo.  $14.99

*Starry, hooded romper by Leveret, size 12-18mo. New with tags! $14.99


Hooded jacket by Bonpoint, size 6mo.  $21.99


*Grey, terry clothed romper by Makie, size 3-6mo.  $24.99

*Sweater set by Appaman, size 6-12mo.  $26.99

*Sweater romper by Lucky Jade, size 3-6mo.  $16.99