Easter Party!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

It seems Spring may finally be here. Just in time for party season!
All the best party outfits have hit the floor, here at Clementine. Our circular racks are full of dresses for the girls, with nothing but the best button down shirts for the boys.


Shirt:  Green shirt by C&C California, size 0-6mo.  $9.99

Sweater:  Light blue sweater by Jacadi, size 3mo.  $21.99

Pants:  Striped pants by Gap, size 3-6mo.  ON SALE! $11

Shoes:  Pediped, size 6-12mo.  $13.99


Hoodie: Kitchoun zip up hoodie, size 12mo.  $19.99

Shirt:  Gingham shirt by Nenuphar, size 12mo.  $14.99

Pants:  Petit Bateau, size 12mo.  $19.99

Shoes: Sandals by Pediped, size 20 (US 4.5/5).  $16.99


More button down shirts for baby boys!

Top row

White Petit Bateau, size 6mo. $15.99

Yellow plaid Janie & Jack, size 12-18 mo.  $13.49

Blue linen Janie & Jack, size 12-18mo.  $13.99

Bottom row

Blue gingham Obaibi, size 1 mo.  $14.99

Light blue Burberry, size 3mo.  $24.99

Dark grey linen Janie & Jack, size 6-12mo.  $14.99


Dress: Janie & Jack, size 0-3mo.  $19..99

Sweater:  Florence Eiseman, size 3mo.  $24.99

Shoes:  Saddle shoes Ralph Lauren, size 4.  $17.99


Dress:  Judith Lacroix, size 12mo.  $32.99

Sweater:  Caramel Baby & Child, size 12mo.  $19.99

Sandals:  Mootsie Tootsies, size 5.  $19.99


More baby girl dress!

From left to right:

Light blue dress with letters print, size 3mo.  $17.99

Janie & Jack tank dress, size 6-12mo.  $14.99

Striped Zara dress, new with tags, size 9-12mo.  $19.99

Pink smocked dress by Bois de Rose, size 12mo.  $21.99


Baby sandals!

All sandals pictured are size 5 or under.


Dress:  Papo d'Anjo, size 3.  $24.99

Sweater:  Old World Linens, size 3.  $27.99

Shoes: Rachel shoes, size 8.5.  $14.99


Dress:  Best & Co., size 5.  $20.49

Sweater: Cath Kids cardigan, size 5/6.  ON SALE! $18.00

Sandals:  Jacadi, size 28 (US 11).  $24.99


Jackets: Both blazers by Makie, size 2.  $39.99 each.

Shirt:  Vineyard Vines, size 2.  $19.99

Pant:  Polo, size 24mo.  $13.99

Shoes:  Polo, size 10.  $14.99


Jacket:  Blazer by Coca Bonbons, size 3.  $27.99

Shirt:  Brooks Brothers, size 4.  ON SALE $18

Pants: Janie & Jack, size 4.  ON SALE $20

Shoes: Sperry, size 13.5.  $16.99


Salt Walter sandals!!

Shoes pictured above are sized 6 thru 12.