What is 39 in Shoe Size | What is Size 39 in US Shoe Sizes?

What is 39 in shoe size? Shoes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. It can be difficult to make sure that you’re getting the correct size with today’s wide variety of options. If you’ve ever tried to shop for shoes online or read a shoe catalogue it’s likely that you have seen references to “39” as a common shoe size but may not have known exactly what it means. In this blog post, we will break down everything there is to know about 39 when it comes to selecting your perfect fit – from international sizing standards and measurements, conversion charts and more – so you can make sure that your feet are always happy and comfortable!

What is 39 in shoe size

What is 39 in shoe size
What is 39 in shoe size

What is 39 in shoe size? For the fashionable female with size 8 feet, knowing what size shoe to buy in Europe might be a conundrum. Unlike US sizes that range from 15 for men and 13 for women, Europe has opted for a metric system of measurement. Instead of using arbitrary numbers like we do in America; they label shoes by their length in centimeters—in this case most likely 39.

A size 39 is equivalent to a standard American shoe size 9. This can be confusing for those of us in the United States who are used to thinking about our shoes as whole numbers. Don’t let it trip you up if you’re scouring online and stumble across some lovely kicks labelled with a European-sized ’39’ – they will still fit perfectly!

History of Shoe Sizes

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the first ways of measuring feet and sizing shoes were primitive. Shoe craftsmen did their best to tailor each pair of footwear for an individual, but there were no standard units of measurement in place. Can you imagine how turbulent business could be; merchants brawling among themselves or customers with little hope for satisfaction? We might believe Black Friday fights are something recent, however marketplaces experienced them long before!

Foot measurements as we know them today have been around since the days of Ancient Rome. To size sandals, shoemakers relied on a barleycorn; a single grain of barley which is approximately one-third of an inch in length. Astonishingly, it was this same ingredient used to craft both beer and footwear that paved the way for modern sizes! It’s incredible how something so simple can be put to such creative use – I’m sure you’re just as impressed by this factoid as I am!

Evidently, these ingenious artisans knew what they were doing as their system still remains to this day. In 1324 during King Edward II’s reign in England, a decree was issued that barleycorns would be the official unit of foot measuring – an astute choice seeing as three barleycorns typically equate to one inch.

The British monarchy made a monumental impact on the shoe industry, as remnants of their size system are still implemented in certain areas of the UK and Ireland today. This approach had its flaws, however; barleycorn lengths varied from region to region and no consensus could be reached about what exactly constituted an “average” foot size.

In the early 1900s, a revolutionary step forward in foot measurements arrived: The Ritz Stick. This invention featured an adjustable heel stop and sliding component which could be adjusted to measure varying lengths of feet, becoming the first nationally-recognized method for doing so in America. Although it wasn’t until 1988 that this tool was modified for women’s shoe sizes, manufacturers are still producing them today.

Charles Brannock revolutionized foot measuring with the invention of his eponymous device. The Bannock Device measured not only a person’s shoe length, but also its width in order to convert it into an accurate shoe size – making for much more exact measurements and sizes. Believe it or not, half-sizes were first seen as early as 1887 in American stores!

While you can still find modern versions of the Brannock Device today, they are slightly different from Charles’ original design.

For an accurate fit when purchasing shoes, the Mondopoint System is globally acknowledged as one of the most dependable methods for measuring feet and calculating shoe sizes. It considers both foot length and width in determining what size you need..

For more accurate sizing, ski boots and military footwear follow the metric system measured in millimeters. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being on your feet for hours due to skiing or a rigorous terrain as many current service members know all too well, then having a precise fit is an absolute must!

With an understanding of the basics in shoe sizing, it’s time to take a look at those all-encompassing size conversion charts. Not only do these diagrams compare sizes between US, UK and European measurements but they also account for other systems from across the globe such as Asia and Australia – so check them out!

UK shoe size 39 is equivalent to US shoe size 8

UK shoe size 39 is equivalent to US shoe size 8
UK shoe size 39 is equivalent to US shoe size 8

When shopping for shoes online, it can be perplexing to know what size you should purchase due to the multitude of sizing measurements available. In the US, shoe sizes ordinarily run from 6-12; however, UK sizes are unlike ones found in America. If you’re hunting for a size 8 that is equivalent to an American shoe measurement, then a UK 39 would fit perfectly!

By being aware of this comparison, it is now easier for buyers from both countries to buy with trust. If you are ever uncertain about the size shoe you require, recall that UK 39 is equal to US 8 and this will guarantee a successful purchase!

EU shoe size 39 is equivalent to US shoe size 8.5

EU shoe size 39 is equivalent to US shoe size 8.5
EU shoe size 39 is equivalent to US shoe size 8.5

Don’t let special shoe sizes in the United States stop your from finding exactly what you want. In the EU, a 39 is equivalent to an 8.5 here stateside – taking all of the guesswork and confusion out of making sure that beloved pair fits perfectly!

If you’re shopping for European-made shoes, understanding the equivalent size can be a bit of a hassle. Fortunately, now that you have this conversion knowledge under your belt, buying shoes from international locations is easier than ever!

The average foot length for a women’s UK size 39 is 9.65 inches or 24.5 centimeters

Women are wonderfully unique, and their feet vary in size just as much. To ensure you get footwear that fits your feet perfectly, it’s essential to be aware of the exact measurement for your foot size. Generally speaking, a UK women’s shoe size 39 translates to an average length of 9.65 inches or 24.5 centimeters- so measuring up is surefire way to make certain you don’t succumb to ill-fitting shoes!

Shopping for shoes online doesn’t have to be a guessing game! Knowing your foot size gives you the confidence that whatever style of shoe you purchase will fit perfectly – no need to worry about trying them on first.

The average foot width for a women’s UK size 39 is 3.54 inches or 9 centimeters

With a plethora of varying shoe sizes, it’s hard to make sure you get the perfect fit. So what does the average foot width of a women’s UK size 39 look like? The answer is 3.54 inches or 9 centimeters according to specific measurements for that size. Understanding what size your feet are, what what numbers represent that size, and what it translates to in classic inches or centimeters is crucial if you want to find the right fitting shoes. Knowing what the accurate measurements are allows women to purchase footwear that feels comfortable and looks great with any outfit.


What is a size 39 in US shoe sizes?

To find your shoe size in ps (European measure), you need to convert it from US sizes. For example, a size 39 in European measure would be a size 9 in US sizes. To find your exact shoe size in ps, you can use a conversion chart or calculator to convert from US sizes.

What is the average foot length for a women’s UK size 39?

The average foot length for a women’s UK size 39 is 9.65 inches or 24.5 centimeters.

What is the average foot width for a women’s UK size 39?

A: The average foot width for a women’s UK size 39 is 3.54 inches or 9 centimeters.

Is EU shoe size 39 equivalent to US shoe size 8.5?

Yes, EU shoe size 39 is equivalent to US shoe size 8.5. This is the equivalent for both men and women.

Do men’s and women’s shoe sizes have the same measurements?

No, men’s and women’s shoe sizes do not have the same measurements. Men typically wear larger sizes than women. It is important to use the correct measurements when looking for shoes to ensure the best fit.

Do UK and US sizes run the same?

It’s essential to remember that the UK and US size systems differ, so a UK 39 is equal to a US 8. Make sure you keep this in mind when making online purchases – with understanding of its equivalent size, you can guarantee your next shopping experience will be successful! You’ll have no trouble selecting footwear that fits perfectly if you’re aware that UK39 is equivalent to US8. Take on your upcoming shopping spree with confidence knowing exactly what sizes are necessary for your perfect fit!

Is a 39 shoe a size 8?

Women’s sizing can be tricky to navigate. US size 8 is equivalent to EU 39, while 6.5 in the States lines up with an EU 37, and 7.5 correlates with a 38 on the European scale.

What size is a 38 in a woman’s shoe?

Based on the ISO standard, EU Size 38 is equivalent to US women’s Shoe size 7.5.

However, sizes may vary slightly from one manufacturer to another. It is best to measure the foot length and width before purchase to ensure the right fit.

What size is a 40 in women’s shoes?

A women’s shoe size 40 in EU sizing translates to a US size 9.5, according to ISO standards. This size may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, so it is always best to measure your feet before making a purchase.

What size is a 39 in men’s shoes?

In men’s sizes, a 39 is equivalent to a US size 6.5. This is based on the ISO standard and may vary slightly from one manufacturer to another. It is best to measure the length and width of your feet before purchasing shoes to ensure the right fit.


Now that you know what is 39 in shoe size to buy your loved one in the UK, it’s time to go shopping! With these tips in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of shoes for them. Happy shopping!

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