Cara, Myrle, and Eleanor

Clementine is the brainchild of Cara Wall, an ardent consignment shopper, who could not find consignment maternity wear when she was pregnant a few years ago with her daughter, Eleanor.  She set out to create a consignment shop that feels like a high-end boutique.  Clementine is light, airy, and full of gorgeous designer brands—thanks to all of our consignors.

The shop is owned by Cara and her mother, Myrle, and often operated by their lovely assistants, Wendy and Sonya.  Eleanor makes frequent visits, looking for the lollipops that are always on the checkout desk.

Cara was born and raised in the neighborhood, and still lives in the neighborhood.  Myrle has been in the Village for 30 years and now live 6 blocks north of Clementine.  They both hope the store becomes a fixture in the community they love.

The baby hats you see in the pictures and in the store are one of a kind, hand-knit by MOMO, which is Eleanor’s name for Myrle.  They are made of cashmerino—a wool/cashmere blend that is soft, itch-free, and very washable.  They make beautiful gifts.

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Clementine Consignment Team

Cara Wall Founder

Cara Wall is the founder of Clementine Consignment, a maternity and children’s clothing store. Cara has always had a love for fashion, and she spent many years working in the industry before starting her own business.

She is especially passionate about designing maternity clothes, and she works with some of the top brands in the market. Her goal is to provide high-quality designer clothing at an affordable price point.

Sylvester Menzie

Sylvester Menzie – Editor

Sylvester Menzie is the founder and head designer of Clementine Consignment CLOTHES. She started the company in 2007 with a focus on providing designer maternity, infant, and toddler clothing to expecting and new mothers across the United States. What do we mean by designer? Our favorite maternity brands are Liz Lange Collection, Cadeau, A Pea in the Pod, Isabella Oliver, Olian, and Noppies.
Prior to starting Clementine Consignment CLOTHES, Sylvester worked for over 10 years as a technical writer and editor for various software companies. She has a degree in English from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota.

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